DJ & performance

The Four DJ Set Types Explained


Every show has an Opening, Support, Headline and Closing DJ slot. With each time slot comes expectations in how the DJ should perform, what kind of music to play, etc- in order to set the night up for success. Not abiding to these expectations can lead to poor crowd engagement at best and not getting booked again at work. We all have to start somewhere, so start off on the right foot with this free guide.

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Audio Production

50x TV Vocal One-Shots (Vol. 1)

$5.00 USD

50 of the clearest, most unique vocal samples I could find from TV shows ranging from Friends to Family Guy and everything between. All files are MP3 with no background noise. Spice up your productions or live shows with this vocal pack today.

Four Tools to Monitor your Mix


Four stock Ableton plugins I recommend using to monitor your mix to get a cleaner, wider, sound. Referencing your track in a variety of ways can ensure a consistent mix across all playback devices.

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Industry Related - Branding, Marketing and More

Complete Guide to Instagram for Artists

USD $20.00

Instagram is the home of multimedia content engagement for your artist brand. It is the virtual runway for you as a music artist. Let's be real, there are a ton of other artists on the platform, so you've got to have the cutting edge tactics and ideas for standing out. This guide provides a deep dive into what works and what doesn't on Instagram, ideas for standing out from competition, and practical steps you can take today to elevate your presence on the platform.

5 Questions to Identify Your Unique Artist Brand


Your artist brand is your business. When someone comes across your social media or catches your peformance at a show, they make a choice to either learn more about you or walk away. Which would you rather have them do? If you're having a tough time deciding on your artist brand, this guide will help.

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